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      時間:2021-09-29來源:互聯網  進入西班牙語論壇
      核心提示:children asking questionsIf you want to make your conversation with other people really effective, you have to know how
       children asking questions
      If you want to make your conversation with other people really effective, you have to know how to ask questions. So, here is a list of Spanish question words you need to memorize right away:
      ¿Qué…? — What?
      ¿Quién…? — Who?
      ¿Cuándo…? — When?
      ¿Dónde…? — wher?
      ¿Por qué…? — Why?
      ¿Cuál? — Which?
      ¿Cómo…? — How?
      Pay attention that question words in Spanish always come with an accent and opening as well as closing question mark. 
      Just imagine that you’re abroad. What should you do when you suddenly need to ask for help? Or if you want to buy something at a souvenir shop? Of course, a handy Spanish dictionary in your pocket will certainly help, but it could take time for you to find the right phrase. To make sure you keep the conversation flowing, it’s crucial to learn basic Spanish sentences (questions and answers) before you go abroad, so that you’ll be able to cope with any problems once they crop up.
      Here are some examples of useful questions to learn:
      ¿Qué hora tienes? — What time is it?
      ¿De dónde viene? — wher are you from?
      ¿Dónde vives? — wher do you live?
      ¿Puede ayudarme? — Can you help me?
      ¿Podría ayudarle? — Can I help you?
      ¿Cuánto cuesta eso? — How much does it cost?
      ¿Qué hora tienes? — What time is it?
      ¿Entiende? — Do you understand?
      ¡Puede repetirlo! — Can you say that again?
      ¿Qué significa [word]? — What does [word] mean?
      ¿Puedes hablar más despacio? — Can you speak slowly?
      ¿Dónde puedo encontrar un taxi? — wher can I find a taxi?
      ¿Dónde está [hotel’s name] hotel? — wher is [hotel’s name] hotel?
      那…? - 闕?
      WHO…? - 奎恩?
      什么時候…? - 什么時候?
      在哪里…? - 在哪里?
      為什么…? - 為什么?
      哪一個? - 哪一個?
      如何…? - 如何?
      現在是幾奌? - 現在是幾奌?
      它從何而來? - 你從哪來?
      你住在哪里? - 恩東德維夫斯?
      你可以幫助我? - 你能幫助我嗎?
      我可以幫你? - 我可以幫你嗎?
      費用多少? - 它要多少錢?
      現在是幾奌? - 現在是幾奌?
      明白嗎? - 你明白嗎?
      你可以重復一遍! - 你能再說一遍嗎?
      [詞]是什么意思? - [詞] 是什么意思?
      你能不能說慢一點? - 你可以講慢點嗎?
      我在哪里可以找到出租車? - 我在哪里可以找到出租車?
      [酒店名稱]酒店在哪里? - [酒店名稱]酒店在哪里?

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