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      時間:2022-05-12來源:互聯網  進入西班牙語論壇
      核心提示:PleasePor favorThank youGraciasYoure welcomeDe nadaHelp me, pleaseAyudame, por favorCan I help you?Te ayudo?Im sorryLo s
      Please – Por favor
      Thank you – Gracias
      You’re welcome – De nada
      Help me, please – Ayudame, por favor
      Can I help you? – ¿Te ayudo?
      I’m sorry – Lo siento
      Some Basic Phrases
      Let’s go – Vamonos
      Quick – Rápido
      Slow – Lento
      Calm down – Tranquilo
      Look – Mira
      Small – Pequeño
      Big – Grande
      Good – Bueno
      Well – Bien
      Bad – Mal
      How many are there? – ¿Cuántos hay?
      wher are you? – ¿Dónde estás?
      Close the door – Cierra la puerta (My daughter is in that phase wher she loves closing doors by herself!)
      Up! – ¡Arriba! (This is what my daughter says so that we pick her up and hold her)
      You’re okay – Estas bien (We say this to comfort our daughter when she hurts herself.)
      What’s wrong? / What’s up? – ¿Que pasa? (We ask this when our baby is fussy.)
      What do you want? – ¿Qué quieres? (And this is used a lot with What’s wrong?)
      wher are you going? – ¿A dónde vas?
      Do you need a new diaper? – ¿Necesitas un pañal nuevo? (Common question with babies and toddlers.)
      How was school today? – ¿Como estuvo la escuela hoy?
      What did you learn? – ¿Qué aprendiste?
      Can you say ______? – ¿Puedes decir _________? (Fill-in-the blank with a word you are trying to learn.)
      You are my favorite – Tú eres mi favorita
      Is Mama your favorite? – ¿Mamá es tu favorita?
      Is Dada your favorite? – ¿Dada es tu favorito?

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