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John Kani revives "Sizwe Banzi is Dead" in the USA

John Kani revives "Sizwe Banzi is Dead" in the USA

This new year, except to see famous classic "Sizwe Banzi is Dead", at the McCarter Theatre Center, New Jersey. The play, co-written with two veteran South African actors, John Kani, and Winston Ntshona, will run from January 16th to February 15th 2015. (continues below... )

First staged in 1972, "Sizwe Banzi is Dead" once dominated theater landscapes around the world because of its initiative to bring to international attention the challenges of the then apartheid system in South Africa.

John Kani and Winston Ntshona who were co-writers of the original play, hope the rewritten playwright will garner them as much recognition as it gave them in 1975 when they won the Tony Award for "Sizwe" on Broadway.

Directed by John Kani, "Sizwe Banzi is Dead" retains it relevancy for 21st century audiences. Just like the original piece it continues to shine a light on the fragile human condition while highlighting the cost of maintaining personal identity amid oppression.

Renowned South African actor and playwright director, John Kani loves the theatre. His love for the arts started early in life. Later on he joined the "serpent players" and in 1965 staged his first play. He was privileged to get an Oliver award for his role in "My children my Africa".

Winston Ntshona, also a veteran actor, has played prominent roles in film, including President Julius Limbani in "The Wild Geese" (1978), and Dr. Okoye in the 1980 hit "The Dogs of War".

Both actors were co-winners of 'Sizwe's Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. Both also co-wrote and acted in "The Island" which won numerous Broadway awards and nominations

This year, "Sizwe is Dead" is set to yet again bring these African literary greats to limelight.

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