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African Tweeps Flash-fund WAEC Whizkid Cynthia Chinecherem

African Tweeps Flash-fund WAEC Whizkid Cynthia Chinecherem

Coming from a continent whose corporates have long been criticized for vastly enriching "housemates" over productive talent, this should come as refreshing news. It seems the African public itself is poised to lead corrective effort in this regard as - two days ago - a crop of Twitter users embarked on what we'd best describe as "flash funding" for a high performing Nigerian high school talent. (continues below... )

It all started when on 23 July 2017, Twitter user and digital strategist Chidi Okereke (@Chydee), made a profound Tweet (supporting an earlier one by @DrDamages) in appreciation of the excellent performance of high school graduate Cynthia Chinecherem in the recent West African Examinations Council (WAEC) exams, in which she made the perfect score of of 9 A1s.

"This result is blowing my mind. Can anybody help me find Cynthia Chinecherem? I have N20,000 for her."

Shortly afterwards, a barrage of respondents added varying amounts to the commitment, and over the course of 48 hours, this snowballed into commitments totaling over N470,000 ($1,200), plus an offer to pay for her University textbooks, and another to cover her University responsibilities (from founder/CEO of Builders Hub Impact Investment Program, Natasha Akpoti).

While this event may not seem a ground-breaking feat of international dimensions, we do believe it could be the beginnings of greater things for the future. Imagine the joy of Cynthia Chinecherem's family when her father was called - from out of the blue - and told that fellow Africans - most of whom they'll never meet - joined hands from all over to reward and support their daughter, because she read her books! For this we're certainly touched, and we can only hope that this becomes a trend in various communities across our continent. One that sorely needs to encourage her productive talent.

We also hope efforts like this encourage our corporates to do more towards associating their brands with micro-talents scattered in obsurity, all over the land, who may not be famous today, but with their collective energies will determine the future of Africa.

For Cynthia, who wants to study Medicine and Surgery at UNN Nsukka Nigeria, this gesture will definitely go some distance to making that dream happen.

So here's kudos to the African communal spirit, to the dozens of everyday who contributed to this effort, and to thousands more across the continent doing similar in their own circles!

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