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Idris Elba working on new movie: "Poe must Die"

Idris Elba working on new movie: "Poe must Die"

Idris Elba is starting his work-year early, as reports are that the Sierra Leonean - British superstar is reportedly in production, for a movie rendition of Mars Olden’s 1975 novel "Poe must Die”. The movie, is planned to be produced as a trilogy. (continues below... )

The film follows the story of New york author Edgar Allan Poe, who’s turned into an alcoholic following his wife murder by an evil sorcerer. Poe then receives a letter from another author which introduces him to a fighter named Pierce James Figgs who helps Poe track down the Evil evil sorcerer named Jonathan.

It’s however unclear whether Idris Elba will also star in the film or only be in production. We're betting he'll star.

In real-life history, the real Edgar Allan Poe was actually an 18th century writer, famous for mystery stories, and indeed was the inventor of the detective fiction genre, as well as a contributor to the emergence of science fiction.

42 year old Idris Elba is an exceptional actor who has won the hearts of movie lovers worldwide, with outstanding roles in block busters such as "The wire", "Pacific Rim", "Prometheus" and "Thor", among several more.
Idris Elba fans have of recent, widely rumored and polled that he become the next James Bond.

But while we dream, we could at least wait for this one.

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