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Video: Idris Elba's Music album honours Mandela

Video: Idris Elba's Music album honours Mandela

While filming "Long walk to freedom" in 2013, Idris Elba was inspired to write songs of praise to South African legend Nelson Mandela, whose character he played in the film. (continues below... )

A short while back, he released the music album dubbed "Mi Mandela", at a listening party in Johannesburg. He said he wrote the 14 track album on his hotel room keyboard and piano. He had pre-tweeted in November that the album would be released, with the blessings of Mandela's wife - Winne.

'Mi Mandela' was produced by Aero Manyelo who added a series of Afro-tech beats with vocals from Mbaqanga group and Mahotella queens from South Africa. It incorporates South African rhythms into a rich mix with western sounds. The album also features collaborations with Audra Mae and Cody Chesnutt.

The album speaks of Mandela's death and pays tributes to his celebrated life. In a largely spoken track in the album, Idris Elba speaks of his humility and adventures of playing Mandela in the film.

42 year old Idris Elba is an exceptional actor who has worn the hearts of many movie lovers in Africa and beyond with outstanding roles in block busters such as "The wire" "Pacific Rim," "Prometheus" and "Thor.".In 2013 he played the character of Mandela in a film crafted from the African icon’s biography: Long walk to freedom, which inspired the music album.

Checkout the video presentation of the Mi Mandela project, by the man himself, below:

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