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Winfred Boni makes £28m move to Manchester city

Winfred Boni makes £28m move to Manchester city

Its official! Ivory Coast striker Winfred Boni will be joining Manchester city’s frontline squad after the English football club make a ground breaking deal with his former club Swansea today. (continues below... )

The 26 year old footballer signed a £28m four and a half year deal with the English team of close to $100,000 a week. Winfred Boni had earlier been rumored as a favorite to replace Didier Drogba at Chelsea but it looks like the young player will be joining their rivals.

Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini said the energetic player was a favourite to strengthen the teams striking front-line, to enable them defend their FA cup title and progress in the Champions league.

Winfred Bony can only celebrate as his dreams as a young boy growing up in Bingerville, Ivory Coast come true. Then, at 12, he played street football before joining Cyrille Domoraud-a football academy n his home town.

His professional football career began when he joined European club Sparta prague in 2007.There he made a name with his goal scoring prowness earning his a spot on Dutch club Vitesse in 2011.He later joined Swansea and is now making a big move to Manchester city.

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